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You want her to be exactly, exactly, the only real Buffy is Buffy, I know and she’s gone who?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, January 23, 2004 at 5:01 pm by flerly.

Sorry to spam today. It just occurred to me watching The Gift that my daily work wear is very Tara-the-mental-patient.

Okay.. more work. Workout. Dinner. THEN enjoy Friday.

…. or so I thought. Update— 5:24 pm, 4 message windows popup nearly simultaneously…

Jason Churchill: conference call
Jason Churchill: you there?
Marc: Kim, can you jump on this call
Marc: you had 5 mins adv notice… what’s wrong with you
David Rhoades: Kim, did you get the invitation to the manditory conference call?
David Rhoades: Half of FNIS is on the call, I think.
Jonathan Bohlander: can you call in to the conf. line
Jonathan Bohlander: they called a last minute mandatory call

No, damnit, I did not get the invitation, but I called in anyway. Mandatory Mid-Tier Real Estate Personnel call (that’s me). We have 24 hours from.. um… the 5:30 that already passed… to fill out a 20 page spreadsheet form with all of our personal account knowledge regarding 20 key customer accounts who have hit a critical list. A spreadsheet questionaire we should receive in the next hour or so…

Yes that makes it evening and/or Saturday work. Did I mention I was going to enjoy Friday? Guess the only way to do that now is to fill it out the spreadsheet in fun fonts and colors.


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