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Calming down…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, January 27, 2004 at 4:27 pm by flerly.

Grrrrrrrrr…. stress induced chest tightness.

I spent hours on Saturday filling out the fucking mandatory spreadsheet of my interaction with 21 critical customers, including going through emails for direct issues and remedy tickets. That meant making sure that I hadn’t been sitting on any issues that might get my ass chewed. As of 5pm Saturday I had one outstanding issue, and it was a fairly new one, assigned Jan 8th, and not listed as urgent.

Today I get an email from the head of our data department, who is some kind of glorified administrative assistant, who forgot my name twice — once in the notice for the mandatory conference call, and again in the sending of the critical spreadsheet itself. She did not, however, forget to check my name in doing her remedy outstanding issue report on the 21 critical customers, and she sent me a nasty email asking if I had perhaps forgotten that I am in Remedy and have tickets to work on. I reply with my usual priority info — if it’s a critical customer, I do it. If an account manager says it’s urgent, I do it. Otherwise, I get to it when I get to it because I have other priorities. I also inquire whether she has something specific in mind or if she was just harassing me in general about my number of open issues.

She replies that she found open issues assigned to me, dated last November, for our critical customers, and that she had no way to get a hold of me over the weekend since I didn’t send her my home or cell phone number as she requested (I did in fact send her my home and home-work number and a notice that I have no damn cell phone). She didn’t bother to email me the issue over the weekend, but instead contacted Michelle at home and had her fix it.

Nevermind that I just told her I had done all of my assigned issues as of Saturday and that if she found something on Sunday, then it had JUST been assigned to me. No matter, it had been open since November, and I had obviously been ignoring it, troublemaker that I am. Again, I explain to her that I frequently get issues assigned to me that are 30 days or more old because somebody just figured out WHO to assign it to, and that with barely enough time to check my OWN remedy issues, I don’t make it habit of checking ALL remedy tickets just in case they should be assigned to me. I again mentioned to her that I WORK FROM FUCKING HOME and that she has every bit of damn contact info for me that she could possibly have, and hey, look how well this email thing works, too. Could have tried that way.

She did not consent to reply to any of that.

Not knowing when to leave well enough alone, I sent a preemptive email strike to my manager in Cali explaining the situation of the day. I also mentioned to him that I print out hardcopy reports on my open issues at least once every two weeks, so I have it documented that new issues appear that are already WAY old but only JUST got assigned to me. Remedy doesn’t update any date on the issue when you reassign it, unless you make a comment, which you aren’t forced to do.

If anyone comes down on me for neglecting critical issues on these 21 customers, I will leave their dumb asses to figure out how to do this shit on their own. Almost everyone I trained to do my job in California has already quit anyway. Good luck, assholes.

Already, if they can’t fix something they go screaming “It must be a filters issues, call Kim call Kim..” when, hi… 99% of our filters are exactly the same and never touched by me. Just because you don’t know how our code works doesn’t meant that everything is my fault on the display end of it.

Let’s see…. we have shifted how we get our data and populate our databases. We have half-trained people trying to modify our scripts that interact with the database. Meanwhile, I am copying over the exact same damn filters we have been using for four years. BOOM, something is broke.. Filters! Filters! Kim is fucking with us! It can’t be anything WE have done…

/end vent.


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