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I admit it..

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, January 28, 2004 at 1:14 pm by flerly.

First, let me just say finally giving in and starting to take cold medicine has greatly improved my breathing and my mood, even if it caused me to nearly spin I was tossing and turning so much last night.

Second, let me just admit I watch too much DIY television. Discovery, TLC, HGTV… I don’t really think I’ll ever be building sofas or bookshelves or whatever they do all day, but it’s interesting to me to see how things are done, and I like the before and after results of the makeovers.

Today, however, I have just watched a segment where two over-50 ladies made-over a young, single-guys bachelor pad, to make it “the perfect space for the active single man to entertain.” It was a nautical theme, and if active-single-bachelor man were to take ME home to that space, I’d laugh my ass off at him and ask if his mother had decorated it for him. What were they thinking? Soft, gauzy blue curtains with strands of sea shells for tie backs. A sea-shell covered custom side-table, they’d made. They put a faux stained glass treatment on some of his windows, and everywhere there are little boats and lighthouses and fishing net with things mounted like they’re caught in it. It looked like a Captain D’s, which we all know is the perfect place for active-single-bachelor man to take his dates.

Oh well. Perhaps I just have no taste, besides not really being able to taste anything…

I’m also having a weird work day. It’s too quiet. Yesterday they gave me hella work to do, it’s all done, and barely anything has come in for today. I guess one of the reasons is Marc is out today for a funeral, so he’s not sending anything. Deftly avoided a work call from Mac this morning because I knew what would be far too long on the phone could easily be summed up in a two sentence email, and sure enough, when I checked my mail, there it was. I love caller ID.

Anywho… before someone realizes I’m in this work lull, I think I’ll go upstairs and finish laundry as I continue my DIY television addiction.


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