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I just got the call….

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, January 28, 2004 at 2:55 pm by flerly.

All new sites in the hopper done. All remedy issues closed by April 1st. There begins our transition phase to the new platform. 400 or so sites must be rebuilt to mirror their existing IMS site by June 1st. California Manager man is no longer my manager, replaced by good old local boy, Paul Hatcher. No, he didn’t get fired. He actually got moved to a different product line. He even told the group on the conference call that I was the hardest worker he’d met and totally impressed the hell out of him.

Not too impressive today with my lying around folding laundry watching HGTV, am I? Oh well.

It also seems that some people are being ‘let go” in Kansas today. Don’t know who yet.

And, best of all, Bobby has been named manager of IMS Website maintenance. Joy of joys.

Addendum: Looks like today’s layoffs included Jason Renfroe. Ghei. AND Sarah Stein, less ghei.


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