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good thing we didn’t go out of town…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, February 8, 2004 at 1:16 pm by flerly.

we’d have missed the nine cop cars and the search helicopter outside our front door.

I my have to let or tell the details, though. It was too cold for this chick to stand outside like a good spectator, so I stuck to feeding my Frequency addiction. Only went up to check on them when the light from the search copter lit up our den like the sun.

Something about the evils of teenage drinking…. and an apartment across the way that the cops couldn’t track down who held the lease. “It’s just a place we like to hang out and get in trouble…” You know, like drinking… stealing car radios.. good wholesome kid stuff.

Couple of tips:

1) Underage drinkers, if the cops are about to uncuff you and release you into a guardian’s custody, don’t freak out, start screaming and run off into the woods. Those search copters will find you.

2) Guardians, if your underage charge freaks out and runs off into the woods, don’t remark to the cops that “she always gets crazy when she’s been drinking”.

So, yeah.. looks like we may have a vacancy here soon.


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