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so… very.. angry…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, February 15, 2004 at 11:18 am by flerly.

Two identical UPS’s. One has the work pc and shit plugged into it, the other has the home pc and shit plugged into it. Meanwhile, i’m a spoiled dumbass who runs around leaving everything on her pc open and mid-completion without saving, especially in the “design” phases…. where there’s really just a ton of shit open in photoshop for me to stare at, most of which won’t be used in the end, so why save it all, eh?

Well, perhaps in the future one might try saving in case one of those UPS’s decides to die while you are not around, say, in the middle of the night perhaps, and leave you with no power and nothing to show for yesterday’s design work on a contract project that only had two days to be done in the first place.

Let’s just blow one of those days. We’re just that damn good. Who needed two days.

Of course, after the mystery shutdown, I had to plug everything back directly into the wall, so now I’m just begging for a good lightning strike. Also, the old work pc is acting it’s age today. Before I decided to post this, I hit that big blue E, you know, the one that opens an Internet Explorer window? Well, it has just now finally opened.

Grrrrreat. Need coffee.

addendum: I spoke too soon. Begin power flashes.


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