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GOOOD morning…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, February 20, 2004 at 10:13 am by flerly.

Kim, you have had a remedy issue escalated to you since Feb. 9th with no work being done on this? I need to know one, when this issue will be resolved?

So I open remedy, only to see in the worklog that it has been resolved, gosh gee golly, on Feb 9th, no less. Not only is the work done, but this was a regular ticket, not an escalated ticket. Tiffany, dear I believe the word you were looking for is “assigned” to you since Feb 9th. And I believe what you meant to do was check the ticket and not email harass me. Thanks for providing the ticket number, though, so I could look it up, since my part is done and it’s no longer even assigned to me.

I reply most of this to Tiffany this morning, only to get her “out of office autoreply.” Now if only I had a manager to complain to.

JamesT is off to the doctor at last. Major problems lately with what is probably a pinched nerve in his neck. He scared the shit out of me earlier this week, be-bopping up the stairs as usual, then there’s a loud curse, then a thump, and I discover him laying on the stairs in pain. Apparently he jarred it and caused his jaw and whole tongue to go numb. He’s on Tylenol all day and Tylenol PM to sleep, and tonight for this DJ, he’ll hopefully be on painkillers and/or vodka, but even then no hopping, head banging, fist pumping, leg behind the head or other rock concert moves are to be expected out of him. He is betting they just talk to him and schedule an MRI today, maybe offer some painkillers. Guess we’ll see.

We’re a couple of pitiful folks here lately. I almost dread having to leave the house tonight and tomorrow, and think I might just skip my last few days doses of Prilosec before I go out in public. This lightheaded, weak, stomach in revolt stuff is getting old. No heartburn, though. Guess it’s a tradeoff. … which reminds me, we need toilet paper. HA! NOW you’re regretting having read this much, eh?

On top of our unusual two evenings out in a row plans this weekend, Mark (of cousin Jenny and Mark) will be visiting us (all too) early on Saturday for a trip to various Atlanta music stores. He’s guitar shopping, and I think I’ll let JamesT handle that. Me, I’ve got several hours more contract work to do Saturday. I can’t wait until the paycheck comes in on this.

Oh well. Need caffeine, shower, breakfast, and to figure out what my ass will fit in for tonight and tomorrow.


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