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All dressed up and no place to go…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, February 22, 2004 at 1:33 pm by flerly.

Finally get ready to head to the last night of the Chamber… stop at the bank to make sure we have the required $20 each reaming money they’re asking for, then make our way on over there. Parking is a nightmare, which should have been our first indicator. As it turns out, at only 10:30, we come around the corner of the building to find quite a line of freaks waiting to get in. We join it, looking around for to see if she’s up ahead and maybe we can skip line and join her, but don’t see her in the crowd. In only five minutes of waiting, the line has turned into an unruly thing that snakes far back behind us as well. 15 minutes and we have barely moved 5 steps, and did we mention it was February and a bit chilly to be standing outside in this getup? At nearly 11 some “Chamber Staff” guy comes walking down the line making announcements: There’s another line, folks, get you right in. The VIP line is $40 a person, but no waiting. This one is $25, but you’ll have at least an hour wait and you folks back there may still be standing here at 3am.

The “you folks back there” part he gets to only just as he’s passed us, and this doesn’t bode well. Already the reaming is up to $25 if you want to wait at least an hour, or $40 a head to walk right in to what has to be an elbow to elbow freak-fest with this crowd. Having not spotted Stacy in line, having waited long enough in the cold, we decided to say fuck it, and started running through options of what else might be going on in town tonight that we were dressed for.

Never would I have thought the Highlander would be the place.

Heading back across the parking lot we run to and on their way to “the line.” We explain the sitch, and shortly the rest of their gang joins and we decide to head to the Highlander and just drink. They were filming some Turner South reality show there, bright lights, camera, intrusive guys with boom mikes… something about bar-life in Atlanta… I dunno the details. The gang we met up with had come from the Highlander before they went to the Chamber, so they’d already been filmed having some grub before. So, the worse or I saw of the cameras was the occasional back of the head or “there’s your ass!” shot. Time flew as the next thing I knew the cop was walking through telling people to go home. Haven’t closed down a bar in quite a while, especially on a night I was driving and not drinking.

Today… didn’t wake up until after noon, and am already regretting the Sunday time I missed. It’s going on 2, I’m starving, I have contract work to finish, and tomorrow is the start of official hell week, being that everything on my schedule, all tickets, everything has to be finished by Friday. Not anything I’m looking forward to. Not to even mention the fact that most of my wardrobe is lying all over the bedroom floor and from various pieces of furniture, so that i’m not sure if that’s from me digging for things — two matching stockings, for instance… that exact black skirt I wanted — or from Brad’s apparent freak-fest he held solo while we were away. It’s hard to tell by the clothes scatter pattern, but Kitty doesn’t look too traumatized and there are no unusual stains in any public areas of the house, at least.

Oh well. It is sad that we didn’t get a last night at the Chamber, but rumors abound as to where the freak fest may move elsewhere in town. Meanwhile, must rally the troops for food!!!!


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