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freak update

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, February 22, 2004 at 5:53 pm by flerly.

After talking to , i’m happy to report she did make it inside the Chamber, found unexpected people she knew ( in the guise of Stormtrooper—now there’s a fetish) and managed to have not only a good time, but a good after-party time, which I’m sure she’ll relate soon with her usual “Auntie Tiger Storytime” flair. I learned from her, though that the place wasn’t packed inside, where she was at 10:30, and that she at first suspected the girl up front was just horrendously slow checking ids, taking money, etc. After hearing my tale of the line to end all lines outside, she admitted that the place didn’t really seem to fill up until after 11:30, which led us both to suspect they had kept people outside waiting as long as possible just to see who would take them up on the $40 no waiting entry fee. Ghei.

Despite the fun she had, I have to think from the people in line alone that the night there would have had a high suck potential. People in front of us had crawled out of the back of a rented hearse for the night (Where do you rent those exactly?) and were all giddy about a couple of them never having been to the Chamber before. People behind us in line chain smoked and pondered whether they could stand the place tonight for all the baby-goth posers that would turn up for this last blast. I think we already had the best times at the Chamber that were to be had, so we didn’t miss much last night. Rumor had is (and Tiger confirmed there were signs up) that Secretroom plans to move their events to Masquerade, so I suspect we may give that place another chance.

Oh well… JT is in mechanic mode, taking things apart, “flushing fluids”, and all that jazz and I think I’ve stood out there staring at the process, babbling like an idiot about the only thing that would come to mind… stupid old video games, long enough. Does anybody remember a Carmen Sandiego type game where you are following a trail of clues, and in typical dumb-old-text game fashion you get stuck in some funky restaurant where the chef there is so brilliant that he can make any kind of pizza you want and it is heaven? You can’t leave. It asks you what you like on pizza, and you can type in anything and the chef will bring it out…. rat turd pizza, for instance is one I recall… and according to the game, it is the best rat turd pizza you ever smelled, it is succulent, it melts in your mouth. Too soon it is gone and the chef is pleased you loved it so, and asks what other pizza he can bring you. You are stuck in this loop until you figure out what kind of pizza to order that he doesn’t have, which turns out to be banana… the clue given in a song you heard earlier in the game “Yes, we have no bananas”.

I babble, but now that I remember that part so vividly, it bothers me that I can’t remember what game that was from.

Oh well. I hear the JT washing up now. Guess I’ll see what else might be on the agenda tonight. Perhaps some Lewis Black on DVD? Thanks to and for the invites to gumbo-fest 2004 tonight, but we have to decline due to the fact that a) we don’t actually know where you live and b) jt isn’t a gumbo fan. We humbly request to be invited to any jambalaya-fest nights you might have, though.


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  1. scienceiscool has made a Comment

    the joke is one you, for zoltan forgot and went to alabama and so there was no gumbo. sometime in the future though, there may be. and james, everyone likes gumbo – you just don’t know it yet.

    February 22, 2004 @ 1:34 pm

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