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The bunny hop…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, March 31, 2002 at 11:53 pm by flerly.

Well, what a fast weekend. I cannot believe it’s almost midnight on Sunday. Had a lovely day, sorta on the lazy side, and loved it! DIDN’t do my laundry, DIDN’t go in to work, DIDN’t even do the dishes after dinner…. FABULOUS! I revel in my laziness! Muahahahahah!

Thanks for dinner. It was PHAT-ening… did i just say that? Yeah, guesso. Readers let me know if there is anything up May 12th, Sunday, because I think that’s when we’re planning the graduation party for .

Because it needs to be recorded here…

[23:47] kimflerly: wanna watch me be rude to some slacker who random iM’d me?
[23:48] missmusily: yeah yeah!!!
[23:48] kimflerly: i’m an elite bitch on some levels….
[23:48] kimflerly:http://communities.msn.com/nativeamericanchat/couchiching.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=134
[23:48] kimflerly: anybody who sends me a link to a photo they scanned and didn’t even damn crop out all the extra whitespace from the scanner has nothing in common with me
[23:48] missmusily: haha he’s a cop
[23:49] missmusily: they are known to be.. well, not bright
[23:50] kimflerly: heh

Anyway… sealab 2021 is on. should probalby go veg in front of Adult Swim and enjoy the rest of my lazy Sunday.


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