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All I am is tired or angry anymore…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, March 3, 2004 at 12:45 pm by flerly.

I have finished and sent off my less-than-polished email about “what exactly I do here at innotech” that would require me to have actual server access, in a last ditch plea for a return to sanity by the Guardians of the Servers who think all not in their circle are a security risk. Their grand-puba and I had this exact argument about a year ago, when they did the first server migration. They had flown him to Atlanta and we met face to face. I went through the spiel about what I do, in regard to the live sites, and he smiles and says, “Yeah, all that will go away. Anything you need done to a live site that can’t be done with siteconfg-web-tool or with CWS-database-tool will now have to be done by me personally. Anything to upload just package it up and send to me, and I’ll upload it. We’ll have to allow a bigger turnaround time, of course, say a week, but that’s how it will get done.”

Yeah, and last year, I had a boss and that boss called his ass and said, give her damn access now so we can get shit done. And he did. And all was well, and working damn fine in the interim.

And now, server migration version 2, same shit. This time, he remembers my name, and specifically tells our group that I am NOT to have direct access. This is paranoia man, who firmly has believed for the last year former employees have been hacking into our websites and causing problems… namely Billy, which is bull-and-shit, and in his infinite paranoia, believes that all folks who worked in ATL, knew said “hacker”, and basically had anything at all originally to do with our products is a grade-A security risk. Accuse me, dude. Just accuse me. Stop the paranoia shit and SAY what’s on your mind. If you really want to make my life hell by forcing me to email you 400 times a day with detailed instructions of what you need to change on the live servers, I will, and you will find you don’t damn well like it. I’ll just “package it up” for you and send you what I needed uploaded, as soon as you make our email service capable of sending zipped files as attachments.

So, anyway, the “others” who are aware of my situation have suggested I make a new plea for access in the form of an email that explains what I do on the live servers. They are aware I already told this guy this same stuff in person, but insist on the email anyway. It took several versions to get all the cussing out of me. My ability to express myself is gone due to the overwhelming anger of the past couple days. I think it says what I do, I’m not even sure, but they wouldn’t let me send it directly anyway, so one of them will edit it, I’m sure.

Right on cue I get an email from BS asking if I have access yet. In his reply I explain how we’re still working on it, and that if it isn’t hammered out soon, I’ll just quit. Just when I said to my husband that wasn’t a hell of a lot that FNIS could do these days to piss me off except not pay me… Better yet, why officially quit. I’ll just quit doing work and see how long they pay me.

THERE is also the solicitor-from-hell saga to relate, along with the statement of warning that Privacy Director is a piece of shit. Today I cussed a nice lady from Norfolk, Va when she called. It wasn’t even THE lady I wanted to cuss, but she had bad timing. Norfolk, VA is the home to some lame-ass Bank of America call center… the kind where you answer the phone and hear music intermixed with “Please hold for a very important message”… the kind that I typically hang up on.

As the saga begins, a crafty chick named Jennifer calls at a time when my phone had just been ringing off the hook with work calls, which frequently come in as Privacy Director calls because for some reason the many phone numbers they have in Cali haven’t all been accepted yet. Normally when work calls through privacy director, they’ll say.. This is so and so from FNIS, and Ill answer. This chick just said, “This is Jennifer”, so I answered with my typical “This is Kim”… and the rest is solicitor history.

She was my best friend, how am I? Then, no… she’s BRAD’s best friend, is he around? No he wasn’t. Well, then, I’ll just leave a number…. a business number, and oh, by the way this is Bank of America. Her method blew my damn mind.

Other folks from BofA (Norfolk, VA) have called, and now they don’t get privacy director.. it’s always the same number for them, so now that I’ve accepted, boom they’re through. Other folks sound more businesslike. Other folks are obviously sales people. They get hung up on promptly. Yesterday, however, I am caught off guard.

I was upstairs, the phone has no caller id, I answer it and there is loud country music. Then a woman says, “Is brad around?” I say no. She says, “Hey, is this Kim?” Yes, I say. “Oh hey, Kim, I left a message for Brad yesterday…. ” blah blah blah it’s fucking Bank of America again. She remembered my name.

So today.. the phone rings. It says Norfolk, VA. I am ready with my “Oh hey, is this Jennifer?” spiel, but when I answer it is the music/recording… and it goes on for a while, so I hang up. 20 minutes later, it is Norfolk, VA again, and I am even more pissy at not having gotten to tell them off the last time. A woman answers, but it’s clearly not Jennifer. Never-the-less, I ask her how she got that damn number, that it’s not his residence, it’s my residence, and he’s just visiting us, and I don’t know who their girl-Jennifer called in her buddy-voice and got the number of where he is staying, but they can damn well remove this as a contact number for him, because I can tell you right now he is never going to be available when you call. The woman assured me that Brad had given them the number personally and that they would never use less-than-par methods to get a number out of anybody. She then said that until they had another number that, with all due respect, this was the number they were going to keep calling. So… I told her that with all due respect, she might as well go fuck herself because this isn’t his number.

And, it seems that BellSouth has no method for putting a phone number BACK on your privacy director list, nor does Call Block work for any business number. In short, Bellsouth is a worthless pile of spongy-ass as far as I’m concerned.


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