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Today, I spam…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, March 3, 2004 at 4:24 pm by flerly.

This is freaking hilarious to me….

The grand-puba asshole sys-admin who thinks I’m a security risk strikes again. With the server migration, they have the need to update everyone’s machine with the new, correct way to connect to our network drives. Since this needs to be done pretty much company wide, they decide to write a batch file which will do this, which they then send out to the whole division, with a message asking them to save the file to their harddrive and run it, etc etc.

Here’s where the problem arises. Our email system won’t allow the receipt of any attached files with the extension .bat, so when we get the email, what we actually SEE attached is a system message saying the attachment was not legal, etc. etc.

Phase two, Puba tries again, this time he has zipped the batch file and resent the message with the added instructions on how to unzip. Once again, our email won’t allow .zip files. We all get the new message with the system message again.

Did I MENTION that this same puba is the one who set up and controls our email system and what it will or will not allow? Oh, well, he is.

Phase three, Puba takes his zipped batch file and renames it .zipchangeme, resends to all, add instructions on how to rename the extension, then… yatta yatta. Once again, our email won’t allow it to be sent.

This is the same guy who wants me to just “package up” my items that need to be uploaded and email them to him rather than have actual access to the servers. Thank God I’ve managed to bypass that for now (see friends-only post), but I already informed him… as if he shouldn’t have already known that I can’t send zipped files as attachments, which he promptly scoffed.

Thus, it is absolutely hilarious that he manages at least THREE attempts to send an attachment, each of which is foiled, and that he isn’t even bright enough to stop sending the damn thing out to everybody every time until he was sure it would work!

Laughter really is the best stress relief.


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