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it has been a long tiring few days…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, March 8, 2004 at 1:53 pm by flerly.

Fearing the impending rain storms that were forecast for Friday night, I took off early on Friday to make the long drive up to mom’s. Visit was typical…. SSDD.. she is alone too much and it shows. We spent entirely too much time talking about life insurance policies and her will and what a mess it would be to deal with the house and garage if she were to die unexpectedly….

But strangely all that was still almost a relief compared to work. I purposely did not take the laptop, even though that’s what I got it for. I only even signed on once at mom’s just to let JT know I’d made it. And, in fact, the horribly long drive home yesterday, dreading all the work that had piled up just had me beyond bummed when I got home. And now, we are planning to get up at 5am or so to drive up to Chattanooga to “be there” for what will hopefully be just an unexpected day surgery, so I don’t guess much will get done tomorrow either.

We finally bit the bullet and got cell phones, JT and I, on a family calling plan, but the great deal I got was only if I ordered them online, and tracking says they don’t arrive until tomorrow, so it’s a little late to give out for work people to keep in touch. I might be taking the laptop up to see what I can get done, but I doubt I’ll have an internet connection. No matter, at least if it comes down to me needing to work out of town in the future, I should be all set with the cell phone and laptop now.

Simple as this, Mom needs to get out of that house she’s keeping up like a shrine to Dad and move her butt into a new environment, a new house of her own, hopefully in nearby Alabama with my sis & bro. This is the info I’m trying repeatedly to beat into her brain. I think all our talking about health problems and wills and such really has her thinking at last. Mom’s younger sister can barely get around, her legs are so weak, and one of mom’s older sisters not only was recently diagnosed with Diabetes, but has also had to go in for an angioplasty.

Ugh… sometimes all this work stuff piled on with all this family stuff is just overwhelming. I sit here now staring a growing listing of things to do, erasing urgent phone mail messages because the same people have already emailed me the same issues, and just trying to will my brain to get into work mode. Not that there’s anything in particular I’d rather be doing, I think it has just sort of shut down.

Maybe there’ll be some more detail in something more private than this.


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