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My Frewtnut-Niece…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, March 10, 2004 at 11:47 am by flerly.

So.. Dennis, my frewtnut-niece’s husband, bought a motorcycle yesterday. It’s a teal 95 Katana 600, if anybody cares, but he really didn’t know what he wanted. I had suggested he ask about the SV650’s like James has, since it was rated to be such a great first bike.

[11:34] frewtnut: hee hee…so yesterday D was talking to the salesman about an SV 600 or 620…whatever…
[11:34] Kim J: 650 maybe? =)
[11:34] frewtnut: and he goes “my wife’s…uh….uncle has one of those”
[11:34] frewtnut: hahahahaha…uncle james!
[11:34] Kim J: heh
[11:34] frewtnut: i’d never thought of that!

James thought it was funny, even though I reminded him that she’d probably be calling him Uncle James to his face next time she saw him. Dennis, too.

Well, missing yesterday didn’t hurt too bad. Seems they were having some major server issues, and I had a very early email which said for everyone to stay off the servers today until things were fixed. Last night at 7 had another one that said they were just starting to come back up, so not like I could have done much anyway.

is on his way to town…. don’t know if he’ll turn up on our doorstep today, tonight or tomorrow, since he is supposed to visit The Bruce first to drop off things for storage. Been thinking about running a role-playing adventure around The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, or the possibility of doing so. Not even sure what system I want to try it in, though.

And now… it’s lunchtime.


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