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Tuesday Talk

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, March 16, 2004 at 2:28 pm by flerly.

Many tedious but necessary things are now done: first jointly filed taxes, rebate forms sent for phones, card to mom, grocery shopping done, recommended pedometer ordered, old check card accounts swapped to new check card.

Many more tedious but nagging things are still to be done: laundry, laundry, laundry… even the shower curtain needs a wash. I should start that soon.

On the real job front: the new boss has finally chimed in. Three conference calls are scheduled this week to go over open issues and I’ve just completed my bullet-points of “what I do” for his reference. Despite the fact that we already had DSL and this phone prior to my official working at home, he encourages me to look up phone bills and send them in for reimbursement anyway. I guess it can’t hurt. Have a fat stack of open Remedy issues to deal with, but priority must be the emailed work from Marc & David on unfinished “new sites” that were due end of Feb.

On the contract job front: gosh gee it would be nice to get a paycheck. It makes me hesitant to work on more stuff for them this month, but, well… in the good news my booth graphics for the tradeshow were a raging success. Compliments from multiple people, which always makes me feel good. Never did those kind of graphics before, so that’s cool, too. Now, I have to get issue 2 of their newsletter wrapped up this week before our Chattanooga trip, since it’s due to be published on Sunday. Ugh. Mucho work.

On the general stuff front: boy do I hate sitting in front of this computer during the day. I sat down last night at about 11:30 and spent an hour clearing out remedy issues quickly, I think, because of the lack of sunshiny-day distractions. NOT that I’m actually going out and about IN these sunshiny-days, but the fact that it’s nice out just makes me too antsy to sit and stare at a PC.

Having around the house again is at once abrasive and familiar. He’s the same old ass we’ve known and loved for years. We had a modest welcome home with a trip to the liquor store and some poker Friday night, but it wasn’t a big deal. He still wants to have a bigger get together sometime, but it will probably have to be in a couple weeks. This weekend will be Skittle’s b-day party Friday night, then an early morning trip up to Chattanooga for the weekend to meet up with the out-of-town fam who are visiting. There will be a much anticipated meeting of the “boys with guitars”, which should be fun, and hopefully I’ll get some girl-time with cousin Jenny to see if she has any sense at all. It’s really time for somebody to flat out say to her what the whole family has been thinking.

Unfortunately this trip means we miss the housewarming party Saturday, but hopefully we’ll see those folks at Skittles shindig, and we’re really not worthy to party at the new pad since we were lazy and didn’t help in the move. And I tell you, we were lazy this weekend. Ate out entirely too much, ordered various take out, sat planted in front of the TV with new playstation games and immersed in the BattleStar Galactica DVD set Jim brought. Even spent a good bit in the nice weather of the evenings on the back porch shooting the breeze and laughing at the cats, as they still try to remember how to get along with each other.

Oh well. I’ve wasted enough time on this entry. Just wanted to take a moment to curse Bruce for failing to mention in the YEAR he’s lived down there that his house is right by a lake and that he has a boat. Only found out because he called to invite Jim down to spend the day on the lake with him today. Bastard.


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