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I think I heard a 2nd rifle shot coming from the bushy area by the neighbor’s house…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, March 18, 2004 at 12:46 pm by flerly.

Well, beat me to the rant, and to the rifle, since we have peace and quiet now. Or, I guess the horde of lawn-guys with Jessie James-ish tricked out monster motors have finished blowing away the asphalt, leaves and all, and hauling the untidy mess away. I’m just glad I didn’t have the morning conference call today. Since I didn’t, I tried to get some exercise in while watching another episode of Battlestar Galactica, which was working out fine until the dramatic last two minutes of Apollo’s escape off the planet and rescue by Starbuck and Boomer, which all occurred to the roar of leaf-blowers outside the back door. Oh well.

So, deciding I’d likely not be able to focus on any work in that noise, I deemed to get back to Massive Bedroom Storage Overhaul ProjectTM. I got all the furniture moved where I wanted it yesterday afternoon, and spent the after dinner evening folding and putting away the first round of laundry. Kitty will be very upset when I get to the closet proper, as she has taken quite a liking to sleeping on the pile of winter clothes I have left on the floor in there for quite a while, particularly my dark gray angora sweater, that kind of matches her hair.

Anywho… I have a pile of work things to finish by tomorrow if I even want to think about not being here in front of the computer this weekend. I know this week couldn’t end soon enough for JT, but man, I sure could use some magical day between Thursday and Friday this week. I could also massively use my damn paycheck for the contract work before my car payment goes through and leaves me living on ramen noodles. But, potentially broke as I am I must make a run to the grocery store for a few things today… Maybe soon. I fear not making it back in time for the conference call at 2:30, but I really want to get it over with. Only by catastrophic car accident or power failure at the store could it possibly take me two hours to drive one mile to the store for bread and milk. Wish me wind, rain, and hurricanes.


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