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Flerly = geek

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, March 19, 2004 at 7:56 pm by flerly.

Today… I bought 8 yards of discount fabric ($8) and made curtains for the bedroom.

Today… I discovered Rick Springfield is coming back to town and decided to check out his website. I have now downloaded a free song off his new cd, which has me as giddy over him as I was in the late 80s.

Today… I ordered a cheapo DVD copy of Nick Knight (~$8), the made for TV movie starring Mr. Springfield, that launched the TV series Forever Knight.

Today… While in that cheap vampire DVD mode, I ordered a copy of Kindred: The Embraced tv series (~$10).

I am sure that no one, with the exception of perhaps Jim, will actually be interested in watching these old, bad, wonderful DVDs.

And now… Dinner’s in the oven. JT’s on the way home. Must eat, get ready, hit Skittles shindig, come home, pack, sleep, and get up all too early for the trip in the morning.


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