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grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. This is me ticked off.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, March 22, 2004 at 2:43 pm by flerly.

[14:24] Kim J: you had your friendly call from Lin Little yet?
[14:26] Marc: i’m here but did not get my friendly call from Lin yet.
[14:27] Kim J: he’s in a foul mood.
[14:27] Kim J: bastard didn’t identify himself to privacy director, so it dropped him…
[14:27] Kim J: so he called back, said his name when prompted then got through and was PISSED at being dropped the first time
[14:28] Kim J: So i told him… look, all it does is force people who’s phone lines don’t send their business name with the caller id info to verbally identify themselves before it rings the phone. All you have to do is say who you are.
[14:28] Kim J: He said [big boss] would have a hissy if he ever called me, to which i told him i have talked to [big boss] on this line several times and he never had a problem with it.
[14:28] Kim J: SO he was pissed off.
[14:29] Marc: is he wanting you to drop the service?
[14:29] Kim J: yup
[14:29] Kim J: which i’m not. I already talked to [new manager guy] about it.
[14:30] Kim J: he can bite me. If he calls and i get “unidentified caller” on the id, i’m just not going to answer it period, so he’s lucky i have privacy director so he has a chance of not being a telemarketer in my book
[14:30] Kim J: anyway…. what he actually called about was pretty rude, too. He said he was calling you, too, but maybe he did david rhoades first
[14:30] Marc: what time did he call?
[14:31] Kim J: apparently that list of customers we were dropping their new sites and refunding their money was not correct. Oh i just hung up about 15 mins ago
[14:32] Kim J: i dont think the problem was with your customers, though. i think both were david’s. BUT, he says to me, “Are you AWARE that we are NOT selling the Comstock platform anymore?!?!” i said, yes. So he said, “Well, what exactly is the implementation team doing then?”
[14:33] Kim J: man i just wanted to strangle his ass. keep that stressed out griping at me shit to yourself.
[14:34] Marc: We don’t do anything other than put out the fires that Lin and his management time create.
[14:34] Kim J: anywho… just a word of warning i guess. somebody’s having a bad day and should be calling.
[14:35] Kim J: he said it was inconceivable that we could still be working on any “new sites” after all this time. i’m like… well, we can only get approvals so fast as the customers give them. This isn’t anything new, but perhaps you just weren’t aware of it before. And, even so, 99% of things are finished, and we mostly work on remedy issues now.


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  1. aoide has made a Comment

    It sounds like this guy wants you all to loose your jobs. Jerk! Lets kick his ass!

    March 22, 2004 @ 9:45 am

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