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Doctor, my eyes tell me what is wrong. Was I unwise to leave them open for so long?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, March 26, 2004 at 10:11 am by flerly.

Perhaps some strange combination of seeing Hidalgo yesterday evening and then catching the last half of the premiere of Deadwood was responsible for my strange dream about shooting various annoying people with a six-shooter in a high noon sort of setting…. oh well.

Finished my “Will you stop being so paranoid?” email to JT’s mom about his impending MRI. He hasn’t even had any severe pain in his neck in weeks, but she seems to think we’re concealing the news of his head being on the verge of rotting completely off and when were we going to tell her?!?! So far the only suggestion the doctor has made is that if the pain comes back as bad as the one really bad day he had, that he could offer him shots of something to inject into his neck to offer pain relief quickly… you know, because injecting the liquid ibuprofen works faster than snorting it. JT didn’t seem too keen on the idea of stabbing himself in the neck with a needle, and he also didn’t seem too keen on my offer to help stab him in the neck with a needle. In fact, I would bet if anything he will now be having paranoid “my wife is going to stab me in the neck with a needle in the middle of the night” dreams…. oh well.

Our efforts at Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2 have been for naught. The easy level game JT and I started has quickly shown itself to be annoyingly easy, as we were ambushed in the woods by an eton and some ogres, which his monk quickly smacked down with critical strikes almost before I could get a spell off. It’s just silly. SO, we decided to leave that game and start a new one. To complicate matters, the normal difficulty game I started with Jim was accidentally saved over, so we’ll have to start that one again, too. I personally think it was fated to be so, since I was so complaining about playing the rouge. A potentially cool character, yes, but just not up my alley. I was dying to start that one over, too, and now we’ll have to. No new games were started last night, though, as we deliberated skipping normal difficulty and going straight to hard. Personally, I think that’s the way to go.

BG:DA2 Game Completion Unlockables
– Completing the game on any difficulty unlocks the “Extreme” difficulty mode.
– Completing the game on any difficulty the first time unlocks the Drizzt playable character.
– Completing the game on “Extreme” difficulty unlocks the Artemis playable character.

Anywho… TGIF for me, though JT works this weekend, and I have contract stuff due. Thankfully Jim has discovered the wonder of the ./Hack game to occupy himself. At some point today I must hit the bank and get dinner foodstuffs. But for now… somehow I have to stop looking out these windows at the sun shining in the trees and resist the urge to run away from work that is due to frolic about out of doors.


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