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The day after Monday

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 at 1:15 pm by flerly.

1) The personal PC is on the verge of death, or rather, it is the harddrive pecking out it’s last few bits of info. Relevant items have been backed up, but no replacement harddrive has been found yet. Since being on the VPN all day prevents me from being on Trillian, I am forcing the poor sick thing to try to stay alive long enough to run that alone. I seem to be able to see people online, but nobody is talking. Maybe they’re busy. Maybe the PC is having hallucinations of people online. I’m just really not sure what happens in these cases where it is on it’s final leg.

2) Yesterday was one of those I’m so busy I don’t know where to start days. This was followed by today, another I’m still so busy I don’t know where to start. Yesterday also happened to be JT’s day to get the MRI, to which I accompanied him. I’m really glad I don’t have to do anything like that myself anytime soon. Egads. Post MRI, since it was JT’s only day off work, we made a run for lunch and to the Bass Pro Shop in preparation for his Florida fishing extravaganza with his Dad. Jim tagged along. We stupidly entertained ourselves with talk of stinkbait, swatting at each other with fish nets, laughing at worm binders (which JT, as it turned out, had come to buy), and trying on hat-puppets and sunglasses.

3) Today, I have mostly finished my list of items that I struggled over yesterday, and am now currently taking a break to compose the list of items due for today, which I will probably do tomorrow. Have to finish all the contract stuff by tomorrow so I can invoice it all for the month.

In summary, work stress has caused a near constant headache for the past… forever… and I’m feeling like I could sleep for a week, except every time I try to lie down, the phone rings. Figuring the gang was tired last night, with JT having to work this morning, I took a bath and lay down at about midnight last night, only to find JT wandering to bed around 2. He and Jim stayed up and finished BG:DA2’s Act 2, started Act 3, got their special quests, finished them, and I missed it all. Perhaps it’s better I’m not sitting and watching them play. I still want to play it myself, and it would probably suck to already know everything that’s going to happen.

Gah.. must stop. Headache requires attention.


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