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Hier Kliken

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, April 5, 2004 at 6:21 pm by flerly.

Been too occupied to do much reading or posting. Goofed most of the weekend playing games, but managed to sneak in a shopping trip for some California trip items… like a carrying case for my laptop. JT usually carries both in his backpack, but alas, this time, JT and his laptop and case are in Florida and I must go solo. After much searching, Circuit City, of all places, came through with a suitable backpack style case. All that remains is my packing it up.

Laundry is done, business attire is washed and layed out, most files are copied over to the lappy. I’m ALMOST done with today’s work… which has been going slowly only partially because Jim is sitting at the adjacent pc, going through MP3s to put on his mobile player for his trip. We made a final trip to REI today for some additional straps to hold things on his backpack, and I think he’s ready to go. He is driving me slowly insane as he goes through Chalupa’s entire music directory for things…. he loads the song in winamp, then immediately clicks about a quarter into it. He misses all these great song intros that I know. He is also gleefully clicking further into the song just as I pick up the words and start to sing along, but I have gleefully managed to keep singing several times.

Jim should be dropping me off at the airport tomorrow, and JT will be picking me up Friday night, so I’m all good on parking costs. After the airport, Jim’s cruising on down to Bruce’s to finalize what gear he’s taking or leaving, then hitting Chattanooga for a visit, then on to Ohio for a visit, then he should be flying out of Ohio for Japan. In other words, we may not see him again for quite a while. I have to say (because he paid me) that I’ll miss him. It’s been fun seeing movies JT would scoff at, like Hidalgo and 50 First Dates. It’s been fun playing games and goofing. And, it’s been fun watching him get drunk off one martini, which he made as the clock struck 6 today.

Of course, now he is worried about getting drunk and picking out “crap” that he won’t actually want to listen to on his month long wandering. Apparently it’s difficult to delete songs on that player w/o a computer, but still… after having sat here for the second day of him going though these, I think our opinions on “crap” vary pretty wildly.

I’m afraid we’ve scared Brad off entirely these past few days, between blasting strange mp3s and playing the LOTR: Return of the King PS2 game until we cuss. We also watched the entire Kindred: The Embraced tv series this weekend, too, which is some pretty low-quality entertainment, there. Well, at least he’ll get a day or two of peace before James gets back on Thursday. He can wander naked through the house, tormenting Kitty (and Sam) and drinking orange juice out of the carton all day long…. if he wants to, that is.

Wow… I complain about having no time to read or post anymore and then I sit down and write this much crap. I should stop now.


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