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In the bad luck files…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, April 15, 2004 at 5:21 pm by flerly.

First, I hear from Frewtnut niece that they’ve been victims of identity theft. Although it’s humorous to hear her tell tales of Dennis making his own mock-Citibank commercials trying to talk like some high pitched girl or something, the whole situation is pretty majorly crappy. Apparently most of the stuff the thieves ordered was actually shipped to their address and signed for there… while they were away. Police say this means it’s probably somebody they know or a neighbor, who’d know their schedule well enough to pull that off. Creepy.

Now, I hear that the seller on their house in San Diego has decided not to sell. Well, that happens, you might think, but how often does it happen that you go through the entire loan process, sign the legal papers, wait out past your three-day “change-your-mind” period, and then decide not to sell? Not very often, I’d think. I mean… hi, if you’re going to waffle on an issue, waffle before you sign all legal rights to your house away. Waffle before the loan check is sent to pay off your mortgage. Hell, waffle during your designated legal waffling period, at least.

Anyway, so now they’re stuck in a legal battle to get their house, and worried that they may have to go start the house-hunt all over. She tells me today that their lawyer has sent a nasty letter to the seller. I was less than thrilled. If it were me, I’d want my lawyer to send two thugs with a moving van, but I guess that’s the best they can do.

Me, I’m avoiding work like the plague. The phone rings and I only stare at it like some interested puppy with my head cocked sideways. Perhaps I’ll check your message later. Perhaps I won’t. We don’t know, do we.

Right now… I have been informed that if I can’t make it to Bristol next week, that I’ll have to plan a trip to Alabama in May, probably one to coincide with Jessie’s graduation (May 27th). But, I think I’ll reserve thinking about all that until I have done at least another hour or two of major chilling out.


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