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Message: I am green.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, April 19, 2004 at 10:11 am by flerly.

If anyone can decode that message, please let me know. It was delivered in the middle of the night by a (half?) asleep husband.

I spent most of yesterday working on the construction of a little fort of diet root beer cans to go around my monitor. That’s what happens when I start playing some online RPG. There was even bbq pizza involved. It was like… deja vu. Flashback five years ago.

The difference, so far no meaningless character death has stressed me out. I used to cry, and moan and groan and be so upset, but this time… hell, if I die after we’ve completed this quest way out in bumfuckland, it’ll just be a shorter walk for me. Of course, all that is easy to say right now at level five. I could get two characters up to level five in a day, easy. Level five is barely learning the interface, let alone your way around town. There’s no commitment to level five.

So, I guess we’ll see. I’d sworn off computer games, especially the massive multiplayer online variety ones, but I do find it interesting to be playing in the same game world as JT on his playstation. Final Fantasy XI has that uniqueness going for it, in my mind.

Meanwhile… “Oh gosh golly gee, Kim, I sure am sorry I didn’t send you all that newsletter stuff on Friday. It sure as heck slipped my mindey-windey.” (some perversion of JB and a tarutaru). “This won’t change what we discussed about changing the whole look to a new spring colorscheme and having it all ready by tonight will it?” — contract job

Meanwhile… 9:15 a.m. the phone rings and I have the overwhelming feeling I’m about to be sucked into the conference call I dreaded. Ding ding ding! Where’s her prize? So I rush down stairs to… watch the phone ring a few more times and don’t answer it. Minute later, message from the sales rep… not Bill. So, i call him back. He flat out asks me, “So you’re taking over for Marc?” I flat out tell him, “I don’t care what Bill tells you, I am not. I don’t do that.” He seems to get it. — salaried job

Meanwhile… I have a damn newsletter to crank out here before my doctor’s appointment, if possible.


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