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well well wednesday

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, April 21, 2004 at 12:16 pm by flerly.

Woken up by a call from Frewtnut-Niece, currently with sis visiting mom, wanting to know if they can spend the night with me in order to fly out of ATL for a rush trip to California to pick a new house.

That’s right, folks, the sellers have breached contract and opted for the lawsuit route. In response to the “nasty note” from the attorney sent on Niece’s behalf, they said, “Considering how they’re not local and they’re so desperate for a house to move out here by a certain date, we’re betting they won’t take us to court because it will take too long and cost too much, even though they might win.” How annoyed does that make you? So they are AWARE how screwed over they just made them because they are NOT local, they had to make a special trip out to househunt and find that one, to sign all the paperwork, etc, because they need it by a certain date so D can be out there to start his SEAL training. That really makes them assholes.

The realtor tells my niece, “Well, we have another condo available now on the same street, interested in that?” Niece is like, “Sure, then we can be neighbors with the asshole family, leave flaming piles of our dog’s shit on their porch and let our children beat each other up in the local school. Sweet.”

Anyway.. this Final Fantasy XI thing is… well, it is. It’s a trap, is what it is. These MMORPGs lose their appeal fast if you don’t play regularly because all your friends get so far ahead of you in level that they don’t want to group with you anymore. See, UO and Everquest lasted so long for me because mainly that I was playing with Jimmy, and 99% of the time, my computer was set up at his house in the same room, and that’s what we did when we hung out… played the game together. We managed to stay pretty close in level that way, until of course, he might go nuts and start a new character just to try something out or get bored and play while I was out of town.

So, this time, it’s up to JT and me. If we don’t abuse it, that is, if we don’t play without each other… and lord knows there’s plenty to do around here gamewise or otherwise if one or the other is out of town… then we’ll always have somebody to group with. Wonder if we can do it. Find out last night he doesn’t seem to think the character I made will hold up as good to group with in the long term. “Spread too thin” skillswise. Well… whatever. Then I’ll just quit and he can play with whomever is around… like Somchanh (who was kind enough to give us a worldpass so we could start on the same server instead of the random choice the game forces you into.)

Finally I am getting paid for my past few months of contract work, and I have to decide the real fate of this money. It’s coming untaxed, so I’m going to be stabbing myself in the eyes with 1099 forms next April if I don’t sit at least half of it in savings with Uncle Sam in mind I guess. But beyond that… the big choice is whether this is new stove and micro money for mom or selfish motorcycle money for me, I guess. Or vacation money for us… Or…. jeez. Go directly to savings, do not pass go. I still haven’t seen our first month’s cell phone bill, so perhaps I’d better save for that. Who knows.

In other news…the news, or rather, news headlines I get fed into my LJ to tease me with tempting stories I could click on and go read. Today, several of these just struck me as… unusual, and I just wanted to see who wrote the headlines so I could compliment them on the use of their journalism/advertising degrees. Mind you, I didn’t read the articles, just drew my own conclusions from the headlines, so if any of these is some misworded tragic national news, forgive my levity.

‘Hammer’ Thief Strikes 8 Stores — he must be getting ready for national Hit Yourself in the Face with a Hammer Day, or was it Don’t Hit Yourself.. oh well. Perhaps he read the calendar wrong.

Man kills suicidal nephew, police say — why this was funny, i dunno. It’s about death, obviously, but I just thought.. “What? Was it his retarded suicidal nephew who had tried fourteen times and just couldn’t pull it off himself, so his uncle took pity on him and showed him how to hold the gun correctly? Here, boy, point the thing at your own temple and not the mirror anymore, got it?

Teaching Robots to Herd Cats — Actually, I can’t wait to read this one. How handy that would be if Kitty escaped again. I can just picture the teeny-tiny robots, which look something like that little automatic vacuum cleaner at Brookstone, because they’d have to be that size to get under the bushes where she likes to hide.

Well, that’s enough babble.


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