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If someone asks you if you’re a God, YOU SAY YES!!

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, April 27, 2004 at 12:52 pm by flerly.

Me work gripe now, ugh.

Two things I can’t abide.

1) A phone call at 7:30pm my time from Customer service asking me to do something immediately because “the customer has offered to pay extra for the rush.” Oh really? They paying ME extra? Give them my address, when the check clears, I’ll do it. Otherwise, tell them I’ll do it tomorrow if you’re lucky.

Yeah, that only happened once, and FYI that is really what I told them.

2) A boss suggesting that the rest of an already overworked group needs to take up slack on another project because management decided to fire the person in the group who was handling that project. Read: Marc getting layed off pissed me off. Read: Boss saying we should “make time” to handle a special request for a customer because they are already upset with us for letting Marc go REALLY pissed me off. Hey, I didn’t fire Marc. I didn’t tick off the customer on purpose. Management did. And now management can deal with the fact that we’re going to be behind on handling that customer because we are all starting from square one.

Of course, now, an hour after my initial desire to write this tirade I hear this. Management just ordered another round of layoffs for our department. And this time, boss-man Bill volunteered for the axe because he thought the rest of the team was too mission critical to lose. I appreciate his good sense. Do I feel bad for the guy? Yes. Do I feel like my harassment of him for the handling of the Marc-Layoff situation caused this voluntary unemployment? Yes. Was he right that the rest of us are too mission critical? Yes.

C’est la vie. GOD I hate being good at Russian Roulette. I think I really just want my bullet now, please.


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