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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, April 28, 2004 at 5:51 pm by flerly.

Apathy: lack of interest or emotion
syn: coolness, disinterest, disregard, impassivity, indifference, insensibility
ex: The apathy of the workers is so great that less than half the people who are able to do remedy issues today have actually bothered to do so.

Great… today’s horoscope tells me to beware a personality clash with a higher-up today. I think they meant yesterday. Today the phone hasn’t even rang, and the only communication I’ve had has been with Jason Churchill via MSN messenger, not that he’s a higher-up or that we’d have a personality conflict.

I did manage to get some stuff off my chest about the recent Marc layoff situation to Jason, who was as surprised and appalled as I was by the whole situation. At this point, I don’t care if telling him gets back to anyone. What’s done is done, and if yesterday’s go around of bad tempered emails from me doesn’t get me layed off, then who knows what will.

So… where does the time go. We finally saw Kill Bill 2. Angela did find a house in Cali afterall. We managed to work in a little tennis on Saturday without dying from the heat. Jimmy is on his way back through town and will probably be here tomorrow. I finally got that haircut I’d been griping about. Our FFXI characters are up to level 11. I still haven’t gotten the check for my first month’s contract work, though I have gotten the one for the second month. Happy sis got to see the house on her whirlwind visit through town, had a nice talk. Looking forward to Jessie’s graduation, and was so pleased to hear what an outstanding young lady she’s become. Trying to plan a week in Bristol to jumpstart mom on the way to organizing/cleaning/packing the house and garage to get them on the market. I think I have an elsewhere to be for every weekend for at least the next month, which will have to include one solo trip where JT has to work. Can’t believe how much I’ve been reading this year, and can’t wait to take the Ladies Detective Agency series to mom for her opinion. Big Fish was a good read, but Ray in Reverse has left me unsatisfied. I don’t think they’ll make it into a movie. Must watch Trainspotting again before staring to read Porno.

Enough rambling, disjointed thoughts? Good.


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