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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, May 3, 2004 at 4:32 pm by flerly.

Another first Sunday in May, aka, “the family reunion” is done, thank God. Some of it was too embarrasing to recount here, read: I was so upset I cried. The usual crowd is great, some of these people I really love being around, but some of the folks who deemed show up for the event this year are real assholes, read: in the music industry. Here, just when I thought somebody’s fifiteen minutes would be up when the overhyped Creed disbanded, we find out they actually have developed a real “career” as a business manager, and now has Creed v2.0, aka. AlterBridge, and other bands on the roster. And, I swear, if I had heard him say one more time that “this stuff is off the record and I’d better not see it turn up on our website…” I was going to strangle him. The way that well practiced anti-Scott Stapp rant rolled off his tongue, I’m sure he’s had that same gripe session to so many people, he’s probably reading it off a script from their website. What fucking website? Gah… who even cares. Perhaps if he’d taken a half-second to ask what I did for a living, he might not have been so loose-lipped.

On the bright side, it seems we’ve planned a short vacation this month as a result of this trip. Mark and Jenni have tickets to Godsmack at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, and now, so do we. It’s a Monday night thing, so we’re turning it into a weekend+two days beach trip. Therein lies the only thing I’m looking forward to this month.

Sunday morning call to mom yielded the proof that she’s on a depressive turn again in her roller-coaster cycle. She’s not selling the damn house and we can’t make her. Why are we all against her? She’s not moving into anybody’s basement. Blah blah blah… I’ll call you back when you’re less paranoid, freak mom. As a result, my previously planned week with her will be lucky to be a weekend, or perhaps a weekend+a day or so.

On the funny side, Jim, while he was here, was keen to turn me on to a new band he’d discovered and recently gotten the cd for… Evanescence. Hrm. I could only tell him that they had already broken up, and actually, I learned from music-industry-cousin-in-law that he “could have really helped Evanescense’ career, if only that Amy wasn’t dating” so and so, some lead singer for some band who just dumped him as business manager. He was apparently trying to get lead singer to woo Evanescense to him and instead, she wooed him to her manager, and now both their band’s careers are in the toilet. Boo hoo. He’s not bitter.

Oh gah… make it stop.


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