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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, May 19, 2004 at 1:13 pm by flerly.

Back from the beach. Weather was excellent. Company was excellent. Calabash seafood was more addictive than KFC. Night of mini-golf ended in night with the cops, as Mark & Jennie witness a car being broken into. Strike the bell, strike the bell phrase from pirate song became annoying overused phrase of choice. So what would you say to Sully if you met him?… Well, I guess I’d tell him to strike the bell. Paid $10 extra each to get into the House of Blues Backstage Barbeque for Godsmack, which was really just a nice way to wait in line for an extra couple hours. Center stage balcony prime seats, with only one pricey-VIP row of seats on a balcony tier below us. Turns out I’m good at winging cough drops off jerks who stand on their seats and block my view, and JT is good and catching gum in jerk’s girlfriend’s hair. Turns out couple was “old high-school friends” of Mark and Jennie. It’s a small world full of assholes afterall.

Beach was good. Sex Wax smells good. Wave skimmers are for people who have no fear of broken bones. Trying to lay out in the sun with your eyes closed while hearing Jennie toss the football with Mark nearby, as she keeps repeating “Sorry! Oh Sorry!” can make you paranoid. You have to reapply sunscreen or else you have to make a trip to Walmart for aloe. Hard Rock Cafe makes a kick-ass milkshake. I don’t know if it’s worth five dollahs…but it’s a damn good milkshake. Catching the tail-end of bike week was cool. Frequent stops for refills on cough medicine was not cool. That I’m still coughing 4-days later is not cool. That our cupboards are bare at home is not cool.

So, yeah. We’re home. Time to go to the grocery store.


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