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is it Friday yet?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, April 3, 2002 at 10:08 am by flerly.

Slept shitty. Insomnia no doubt caused by the evening not quite turning out as planned… interesting tv, semi-weird conversation, “mixed-emotions”, and what seemed like some nice, tender-sweetie-sleepy-talk time, interupted by “let me just go sign off AOL” which really meant “I not coming back until you fall asleep.” After waiting around for about 20 minutes, finally got up to see if he’d fallen on the way to AOL and was lying passed out someplace… realized I’d been forgotten, gave up and went to bed.

Finally closed my eyes at about 3 and opened them 3 hours later feeling like I’d blinked. I hate that. Then I got to doze and wakeup for about an hour and a half until the alarm finally went off. Thus.. feel shitty. Desperately need new contacts or some glasses. I’m starting to think these regular morning watery-eye allergy attacks accompanied by headaches are a result of the scratchy-blurry lenses I’ve been wearing for far too long. I’m thinking of doing something desperate to get some more =\

Looks like a miserable rainy day is in store for us, despite the warm weather this morning. Blech.. I’m glad there’s no windows here. I’d rather not know how nice or not nice it is outside, because it’s just depressing to be sitting here either way.

So much for the 9:30 meeting, since it’s going on 10 and still no word. I hate that. Pretty sure today is best spent in “isolation”, ie. wearing headphones all day so people leave me alone. Most depressing today.. I found a skills list on my desk this morning, with all the engineer’s names in a grid with a list of skills used here, where each has indicated their level of knowledge with that skill. According to this list, I’m pretty much a big fat zero. Skills to learn… Unix, namely vi, and then Perl as soon as possible. Joy.

Forgot to bring lunch… forgot to take Clarinex again… on third cup of coffee… and working on lamest spreadsheet in the world, which will probably occupy at least another hour. Spreadsheets are of the devil, I’m pretty sure.

NOT looking forward to this morning’s report on the roomie situation with Horace, but I hear his voice now.. so he’s here finally. I give him 5 minutes before he gets to my desk to talk.

Further note to self.. wax your car. Oh, wash it again first, since it’s green again this morning, but next time… wax it.


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