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Just a note…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, May 26, 2004 at 10:11 am by flerly.

..got bcc’d on a note from that he arrived in Tokyo and that he’ll keep in touch while he’s there. Received a package from him to him, at our address, which James tells me is full of “extra things he decided not to take” like some clothes and underwear that overloaded his backpack. I guess that means the intention is to come back here when his month abroad is finished. Guess that’s good, since we’re about to forge his name on the lease again. Technically, he still lives here, though the part of Jim has long been played by Samuel the Cat in this household.

Speaking of which, James is considering getting another kitty… curse you community! I’m pretty sure I still want a dog. =\

Just when I thought I was addicted to Final Fantasy XI, I try a little thing like gardening. In the game, you buy a flowerpot, place it in your house, plant seeds, and then you have to log in and check on it at least every 24-hours to water it, or else it wilts and dies. Surely I log in every day, right? Well, nope. Apparently not. Logged in yesterday to check my auctions and it was dead. I don’t even have a virtual green-thumb. This game is too much like life. Granted, life where everyone walks around with their names floating over their heads… names like “Daria”, “DrkBlckDeath”, “Spankyou”, “DeathWeasel”, and “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa”, but still strangely like life.

Ninea – 15: red mage – Lakshimi


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