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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, May 27, 2004 at 1:46 pm by flerly.

Because our corporation really is faceless, and names mean nothing to people, I have just been carbon copied on a series of emails from various directors, managers, and sales types about how we need to stop processing customization requests for any customers on Comstock platform sites and take that request as an invitation to move them to the “new” platform, all in the plan to reduce the Comstock maintenance overhead. Also, the free online demo presentations via Web-ex begin June 7th, and notices have been sent out to most existing Comstock platform customers. They plan to showcase how wonderful the “new” platform is and get them all chomping at the bit to be moved over to it. In short, I’ve just been cc’d on a conversation of how they are phasing out my job. I know big surprise.

Well, the fun came when I did a Reply-All to them about a point they were missing, such as how most customers who we spent a lot of time customizing are not going to want to throw all that away for the few new features I’ve seen on the “new” platform. If they plan to make the “new” platform appealing, they are going to need to assure those customers that the same or better levels of customization will be available, and also that their existing customizations will automatically be brought over, unless they choose to go with a site redesign at the time. Sincerely, me with my full work signature explaining who I am and what I do.

I think I could hear the collective corporate sigh. After a healthy pause in the flow of emails, I get one (sent reply-all) but directed at me, saying that my input and work on the migration to the new platform will be essential and that my knowledge of the existing Comstock platform customers will be invaluable to them, apologizing for the neglect in keeping me informed about the “new” platform, and informing me that I will be given an exclusive Web-ex demo of everything the “new” platform can do so I can offer suggestions.

What’s that… hmmm? Do you smell it? I think I stepped in something.


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