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Holiday road…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, May 28, 2004 at 10:17 am by flerly.

For those of you who don’t get ‘s feed, he and are off to this for a few days. Brad has a standing invite to come back and help crew a boat, and apparently they’ll toss James into the mix, too, if he can prove useful. I know James is excited at the opportunity to sail.

Of all the places we were invited to spend Memorial Day weekend, I wouldn’t have guessed Beaufort, NC before yesterday. Niece graduated high-school last night. Other niece and her hubby are there celebrating with her in AL, and we were invited to come join in. As it happened James had to work a half day today, but is off 4 whole days including Tuesday, so this trip with Brad will probably work out better.

Me? Well, I’m not going to NC. With my oil light coming on again in my car and gas so high, I really don’t think I’m going to head off anyplace by myself either, and instead intend to enjoy some nice alone time here at the apartments. The place is what my mother would call a pig-sty, especially our bedroom. I figure I won’t have to cook goofy meals I won’t eat, can workout a couple times a day without anybody coming to check on all the gasping noises they hear, and perhaps even spend a little time in the sun at the pool to crisp up the front side to match the back. Plus, with all the out of town travelling that’s hogged our weekends lately, and the prospect of a June full of the same, I’d just rest easier knowing I had some shit done around the house that I’d been putting off. Not getting to see Frewtnut and Hubby before they leave will be sad, but that only reaffirms the goal James and I have to visit them in California ASAP. We’ll give them time to get settled, but then either a trip to San Diego is in order, or else a meet-up in Las Vegas. Oh man, I watched Insomniac from Las Vegas last night, and it just made me crazy to go back!

Anyway, if there’s anybody local who hasn’t seen Troy yet, I might be talked into seeing that one evening. Otherwise, I think I might try to continue the little writing kick I’ve had going for a week or so now. The dream I had last year of putting together a complete novel this year seems almost doable. I’m far from there, but at least the desire is back.


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