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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, June 1, 2004 at 12:06 am by flerly.

the cats have gone insane, hopefully just for today. the neighbor has decided recently to start letting their two full-grown cats outside, both of which love to hang out at our front door. they torment kitty through the glass, and they torment sam in person, when he’s outside. they cause kitty to hiss when you try to pet her, if they are nearby, as well as to knock every damn thing over that’s even near a window trying to get at them. everytime i’ve opened the door to let sam in or out over the weekend, the cats have been there. they run away, sam slowly approaches the door, obviously on edge. it’s annoying. so, today, i made him stay inside most of the day. now, even with both other cats hanging out on the front porch, kitty and sam will not leave each other alone. it started with the usual chasing each other around, but turned into growling and hissing at each other pretty loudly. i thought at first it was kitty at the window taunting an outside cat, but it was her after sam. i’ve tried to lay down and watch tv in bed, but they won’t leave me alone. they seem to want to fight wherever i am. sam won’t even go to the door to go outside, so i’ve resorted to putting food and water on the back balcony and locking kitty outside for the night. it was really whichever one would go out there first, and kitty won. sam was massively still freaked out for a while after i put kitty out, but he’s now contentedly lying on his back in that weird way he has, out cold asleep. i think he’s been run ragged inside and out for a couple days now, and it all finally hit him. now i think it’s my turn. damn i dread work tomorrow.


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    Fun with cats!

    June 1, 2004 @ 2:59 am

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