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okay then..

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, June 6, 2004 at 1:58 pm by flerly.

So they’re doing some kind of “Aloha room” on While You Were Out, which is a show I watch though I dislike. DIY-TV: it’s an addiction. Anywho, Aloha room scares me. I would probably love to have it, yet it is consciously the tackiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Had my Maui Surf Shop T-shirt on yesterday, and was harassed by the hostess at Olive Garden about whether I’d actually been there or just had the t-shirt. Was happy to explain that, yes, I had been to Maui, though not the Maui Surf Shop. I did get a T-shirt from the Maui Surfing Company, which was another place all together, but anywho… We babbled on the way to the table about living there and never wanting to leave, and she confessed it was her dream to retire there. I could see that, I told her, but housing is crazy expensive.

Yatta yatta. Hawaii… *sigh*

So, inspired by his Japanese Playstation 2, JamesT made a bookstore run yesterday for some “Learn Japanese Now!” books. He got a couple books, and I grabbed a “Read Japanese Today” book, which I just couldn’t put down. It’s all about learning the basic 300 symbols at the core of the written language, and how they developed from the Chinese and started out more akin to hieroglyphics than handwriting. They are all so stylized now that they are very similar to each other, but in seeing the progression on changes, it does make some sense. My favorite: learning. Learning is represented by the symbols of two hands which are dropping knowledge, represented by 2 Xes, into the head of a child seated inside a building. Don’t ask me to draw it, but it sure is recognizable. My second favorite: danger. Danger is represented by the symbol of a man leaning over a cliff looking down below to where his friend has fallen and lies crumpled.

Anyway. Tomorrow begins my new daily 6-7pm conference call trend. I have been emailed two large pdf instruction manuals which I don’t think I’ll tackle reading over the weekend. Hopefully, a little whining to Howard will get me out of so late a call, but I know I’ll have to do a few just to get to know the “team”.

Shyeah. I need to be studying up on my javascripting so I can finally finish some lame ticket I’ve been sitting on for a week.


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