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Somebody sing us a good luck song or something…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, June 10, 2004 at 9:40 am by flerly.

Just an official post to (hopefully) drive away the bad luck. James’ car is already undrivable, pending his brakes being worked on this weekend, so he spent last week on his bike every day, and this rainy week in my car. That is, my car with the one windshield wiper held on by a paperclip, that I told him to “keep an eye on” and my car with the “lazy buzzer” that won’t alert you that the headlights are still on while the car door is open. I know it caught me once last year at work, when I came out and had to get a jump start. I thought I mentioned about the idiot buzzer that you can only hear if you are INSIDE the car with the door closed and the car off. And, of course, if your key is in the ignition with the car off and you open the door, then the “you forgot your keys” ding ding ding will supercede the “your headlights are on” buzz buzz buzz. In short, the car should have been sold with jumper cables standard, because you’re bound to need a jump.

As Mr. James did yesterday, after a long day at work. The most fun part was him calling to tell me, and there being not a damn thing I could do since he had the only “theoretically” drivable car in the house. Grrrrr. So of course, he came home to a late, overwarmed dinner that made us both ill, and we played FFXI for a whopping 10 minutes before something way too tough jumped us, resulting in the short trip back to town.

So… when our luck turns around today, we’ll get his brakes delivered on time, he’ll get his half day off tomorrow, and we’ll have a decently safe trip driving his car up to mom’s for the weekend to be worked on. Mom will not drive us insane and all will be well.


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