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A little tribute to <i>My Yahoo</i> page

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, June 25, 2004 at 1:18 pm by flerly.

Kim’s Daily Scorpio Forecast: You get along so well with your neighbors that you’re everybody’s favorite. Take advantage of the good things that others are saying about you. You can easily expand your fabulous qualities to match the amazing rumors.

Word of the Day: quell
DEFINITION: (verb) to quiet, to suppress

Allow me to quell any rumors that I am everybody’s favorite neighbor by relating to you all how our tiny “front yard”, aka the 4×4 spot of dirt beside our front porch, has become the neighborhood litterbox for huge dog turds. At least all the turds are in the dirt area now, and not right on the front walkway or porch like before. Maybe we are moving up in neighborhood esteem.

In other news… I thought ordering from Amazon.jp would be easy, since they allow you to shop in English (mostly). Unfortunately, their choice of shipping carriers seems to prefer Japanese. Where oh where is my package? Without the Japanese character set for windows, the status is a bunch of boxes and lines. With the Japanese characters, it’s in Japanese…


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