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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, July 15, 2004 at 4:45 pm by flerly.

… looks like I’m probably flying off to Cali again, end of the month. On the bright side, it’s for some training on the new product, and implies that I’m not actually going to be let go when the migration is over… but yeah, they have to do that just to keep me working day to day, right? At least this time I have the potential to hook up with my newly relocated niece out there.

As of late… work is sporadic, usually a couple remedy tickets in the morning, maybe another one or two in the afternoon. There’s the daily rental listings update I have to do… and now it looks like I’m about to undertake a huge project for the product migration. Training was supposed to be “early this week” but in fact happened today at 2:30, with about an hour and a half notice. Glad something told me not to drive Brad up to his interview, seeing as how I would have missed the notice and the conference. I could really use another contract gig for some extra dough. I don’t like the numbers on my savings account. WHEN the layoff comes, I need to be better financially prepared.

In home news… we are settling back into a groove, I think. Mr. Janow is 75% moved into the room upstairs, with the remaining 25% being 4 huge boxes of books/games too heavy for one person to get upstairs and 99% of his wardrobe which is in the trunk of his car. The boy, of course, has his priorities, so his newly replaced PC is in functioning order and he’s gotten Brad to configure the firewall to allow optimal connections for gaming with Bruce. He’s also picked up Final Fantasy XI and is trying to catch up to us in level so we can all hang out.

Bradley, on the other hand, has managed to wedge his desk into the cave with JT and has taken to sleeping on the couch, which on the bright side is probably a lot cooler and quieter than where he was. You can spy on the cave via his webcam, if you so desire. It seems that suddenly the Atlanta job market has realized he exists, which is always a good thing. Now we just have to introduce it to Jimmy, and potentially to me again. (Along those lines, Jim and I have theoretically started a little education project to get me up to speed on some things that any other ACTUAL employer might expect me to know, but with the installation of FFXI, that seems to have slacked a bit.)

In contrast to the extremely wonderful anniversary weekend we celebrated, all JT and I managed to do for his birthday was dinner out, where we could have kicked butt at the trivia had we actually played, and I had to force a shared piece of cake down him. He did buy himself a new pc for his birthday, but that was mainly because his old one picked his birthday to freeze up and die. I, however, was still in freaked-out grumpy-bitch mode, which I think has hopefully now declined, so planning/celebrating a birthday couldn’t have come at a worse time. Maybe we’ll try to work in something this weekend on that account.

Clearly, to those around me at least, I am moody and mental, working on major work-avoidance issues, and constantly stressing myself out over insane schedules that I make in my head and fail to let anyone else in on. I’m really going to have to start writing things down, and even then, finding the motivation to follow the schedule without counting on other people to remind and/or accommodate me.

Oh well. Enough babble. It’s time to do something productive.


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  1. skjarl has made a Comment

    You are right. I need to clean up and quit being such a fucking sl4x0r. I’ll begin at once.

    July 15, 2004 @ 11:28 am

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