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i’m ruthless and toothless…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, July 21, 2004 at 4:01 pm by flerly.

Unexpectedly, after some examination and a few x-rays, the dentist today decided that he could probably just pull those wisdom teeth without sending me to an oral surgeon. So, with local anesthetic, he did. My insurance kicks ass: I only paid $25. He was by far the nicest dentist I’ve ever met, too.

… up until he handed me the prescription for pain meds for the next two days, a packet of gauze, a warning not to talk to much for the rest of the day, and the instructions to call him for stronger pain meds if it still hurt tomorrow, which I guess was still nice, but was again almost as scary as the horrible noises of him pulling those teeth had been.

I was thinking, it doesn’t hurt right now at all….. of course, the local hadn’t worn off yet. So now, mastering how to take a pill with a mouth full of gauze is my new goal.

I’ll probably be back on solid food in time for Janow’s birthday Friday night. Probably. =\


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