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like rain on your moving day…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, January 19, 2002 at 10:50 am by flerly.

Ick. Rain. Ick.

Feeling fairly accomplished for last night and this morning. Have packed just about the entire bedroom up. Really just leaves some little stuff, clock radios, candles, my jewelry boxes, and then the stars. Not too bad. I’ve hit that hunger wall, though, and this coke isn’t doing it for me… I think the consensus here is a run to the WaHo, asap.

Couldn’t tell it was raining from in there… had the cartoons going, packing away. Sitting out here makes me bummed. I still have some work to do for Monday =\. Guess I’ll do that sometime today before I pack up this pc. Ick.. I bet we should take the pcs over tonight… ugh. I’m starting to dread this again.

Oh well.. no time to be idle.

Oh.. confession.. how bad is it to be so near to bouncing checks in your account, yet you blow $50 on a credit card to buy dance dance revolution and the dance mat cuz you find them on a good deal? Bad? hope not. I’m REALLY looking forward to the game..


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