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Pro-Choice for office locations….

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 at 3:48 pm by flerly.

This work-related funny is in poor taste….

Remedy Issue: Update the photo for a customer who has moved one of their branches to a new location down the street from where they were. Issue had a new office photo attached, which I notice is labelled “Fetus.jpg”. Since I helped set this site up, I actually remembered that this customer had an office in a city called “Festus” Missouri, so without fear of there being some strange medical photo attached, I open the image. I figure it’s just someone’s unconscious typo of Festus to Fetus in the image name, so I correct and upload it. Issue completed, and sent back for follow up with customer.

Remedy Issue is returned: New office address is not displaying on the website correctly. Well, that’s not what the issue was originally, so it should be a new ticket, but I don’t care much. Of course, nobody bothered to put the new address in the ticket for me, so I go to our customer database to look it up. Sure enough, the address for the “Festus” office is displaying exactly what it says in the database. However, there has been recently added a NEW office location, with a different street address, located in “Fetus” Missouri, with the same phone, fax, etc as the “Festus” office.

Now, I have permissions to edit entries in our database regarding offices, but I can’t actually add new entries or delete them… something to do with billing issues. So, I correct the street address on the “Festus” entry and it now shows up correctly on the website. Problem is, I have to send the issue back and explain that someone needs to delete the incorrect entry.

What I found funniest was the difficulty I had in explaining what needed to be done without just telling them to “abort the Fetus.” Oh the situations that arise from customer service folks too bogged down in crap to use a little common sense.



  1. tiger66466 has made a Comment

    snicker – that would have been funny had you been able to word it the simple way. 🙂

    August 11, 2004 @ 9:20 am

  2. goaticusmaximus has made a Comment

    Abort, Retry, Fail?

    August 11, 2004 @ 9:52 am

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