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The Darren switcharoo, Santa Vaca! and further babble…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, August 13, 2004 at 12:05 pm by flerly.

THIS is great news about a childhood favorite show, Bewitched!

Strangely, the news that Julia Child died has me thinking about the episode of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit! I watched last night. No details necessary, you’d have to see the episode, but the words “pressure cooker” keep coming to mind. Ewwwwwwwww.

You know, I’ve long thought I’d prefer cremation, even though you can little expect to get your loved one’s actual ashes back. Honestly, though, what difference does it make. If I didn’t do cremation, I’d think I’d rather have a burial remniscient of the ancient egyptian method, where they can take all my usable organs for science, then stuff some nice herbs and flowers back in there. Maybe, then, a burial in some simple vessle to allow me to best fertilize the earth someplace.

Honestly, still… “pressure cooker” and “exploding caskets” keep coming to mind, and now I think I might know why some cemeteries require a concrete vault be set in the ground to put the casket in. Why does all of that really seem like a lot of nonsense hoopla? Oh wait, because it really is. Your loved ones care more about how you treat them when they’re alive than whether you bankrupt yourself on “a casket that costs more than a car.” Hrm… maybe that’s why you sometimes hear about people getting buried right in their favorite car.

Gah… stop thinking about it. Well… have to love Yahoo’s most emailed photos section. (This one’s for you, JT!) So, when does Olympic coverage start? This weekend? These are the greatest athletes in the world, but let’s ignore that and just take lots of photos of their asses to hype up people to watch the games, eh?

So, yeah, “My Yahoo” homepage generally rules. It never fails to amuse, inspire, or relax… comics, health tips, what’s new on tv for tonight, movie times, weather, air fare to my favorite “I wish” escapes, and even pet health tips. Today’s pet tip article is called “Litter Box Snacking”…. Are you scared? I am.

There’s also a merry little “Job Search” article that suggests some inspiring movies you can watch to help you find the inspiration to achieve your career goals…

“All the President’s Men” (1976)
“Washington Post” reporters Bob Woodward (Robert Redford) and Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman) know they’ve got a big story in Watergate. Unfortunately, they’re the only ones who seem to know it. This story of dogged determination can help you stay the course when times get tough.

“Flashdance” (1983)
If you’re ready to “take your passion and make it happen,” this film will help you get in touch with your inner “maniac.” A welder-by-day/dancer-by-night with big dreams, Alex (Jennifer Beals) can show you what a feeling it is to fight your fears.

“Jerry Maguire” (1996)
When you’ve walked away from a sure thing armed with only your principles, it helps to have what sports agent Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) had: Relentless drive and someone who believed in him. And we’re not talking about Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr.).

“Working Girl” (1988)
Whether your stumbling block to success is big hair or a bad local accent, Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith) shows the tenacity it takes to answer when opportunity knocks. Sure, she gets knocked around. But in the end, she gets a corner office on Wall Street — and Harrison Ford.

Enough babble. Time for sushi.


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