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Son, be a dentist…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, August 17, 2004 at 12:31 pm by flerly.

What a lovely day. The birds are singing. The cats are hissing. Ah…

One hour-long, professional dental cleaning and full set of x-rays later….

Oh crap. Where’s a mirror? Do I even have any gums left?

*NOTE: The “cats are hissing” is a common sound in our house, since Saturday, when JT and I decided to adopt a new kitten. Sam is oblivious. Kitty is furious (hence the hissing). Motley is just… a curious kitten.

Have to love this FNIS dental plan. Question is, why didn’t I use it sooner? As I suspected he might do on this visit, the doc suggested the near future removal of those lower two wisdom teeth, even though they are not a problem now, because A) they won’t ever bite down against anything with the top two removed and B) because they are crammed in there pretty tight and might cause a future problem by making it too difficult to clean the adjacent teeth. I guess I’ll allow it. On the bright side, though, I took mom’s advice and asked about having those nasty silver fillings I got as a young-un replaced with white, and he said no problemo and that my plan totally covers that kind of filling replacement. How can a person get all excited about the thought of getting several teeth drilled you ask? Well, if it means in a near future that I won’t have to open my mouth and see all that silver that reminds me what a slacker I was as a kid, then I’m all for it! Drill away, baby!

The even better news? Next appointment, for one lower wisdom tooth removal and one filling replacement on one side of my mouth…… *drum roll*…. September 16th, just two days before my family reunion. I get to go north and see folks while I’m on the soup diet. Crap, but… c’est la vie.

Oh well. Time to bathe the Samuel cat… he’s been fighting and seems to have “stuff” all matted in his fur. We say “stuff” because we don’t want to say “dried blood”. After that, I can already envision how the rest of the afternoon with the new kitten will go…. *type type type* remove kitten from keyboard *type type type* *move mouse* remove kitten from mousepad *open fridge for drink* remove kitten from refrigerator *open dishwasher* *rinse plate* remove kitten from dishwasher *insert plate*…. you get the idea. it’s just a continuation of this morning… *open dryer* *throw wrinkled shirt in dryer* remove kitten from dryer …




  1. tiger66466 has made a Comment

    i don’t know if it’s because my eye sight is not up to par but what the heckfire is your icon of? Looks like cats near a keyboard but I can’t quite distinguish…..

    August 17, 2004 @ 7:35 am

  2. flerly has made a Comment

    Considering what I do for a living, I’m embarassed to say that, not having installed photoshop on my personal PC since I had to reinstall everything, that I resorted to using MS Office Picture Manager to crop a photo of the lazy Motley into a couple crappy icons.

    Here’s some better shots:

    August 17, 2004 @ 8:27 am

  3. tiger66466 has made a Comment

    ahhhh, now i totally see it. i think the problem is – i’ve never seen that cat and was trying to figure out how kitty or samuel fit into the picture. so – who’s that cat?

    August 17, 2004 @ 8:44 am

  4. flerly has made a Comment

    After looking back, it occurs to me that I never actually post about the new cat….



    Guess after I saw those, I just figured people knew.

    August 17, 2004 @ 8:58 am

  5. piskie has made a Comment

    ah! no! youre having the wisdom teeth out one at a time?

    my cats are also having a fit. well, gogo not so much as macka. since the puppy came home, macka-sightings have been few and far between.

    August 17, 2004 @ 9:36 am

  6. flerly has made a Comment

    see, well… since he’s going to replace out my old fillings for white ones, he wants to do my mouth in quarters. As he does each lower quarter, he’s going to pull a wisdom tooth at the same time he does the fillings on that side. Since I’m unfortunate enough to have upper and lower silver fillings on both sides….. and with how long it takes to do an extraction AND drill out and old filling AND put in a new filling… he suggested the quarters just for time’s sake. Gonna take me four months to get it all done, though, with the way he stays booked up.

    Oh, we still see all the cats at least. Sam is too big for the new kitten’s taste… he doesn’t mind her at all, doesn’t hiss, doesn’t do anything, but when she sees him, she freaks out and runs away. Kitty, however, is very interesting. Whenever the kitten sees her, she wants to go say hi. Kitty, however, can’t stand this intruder and hisses at her until she goes away. Last night though, Motley was asleep on the bed between JT and me while we were watching TV. Kitty comes in (as was usual for her) and runs right up on James’ chest for some petting… he pets her, wondering why she’s there with the kitten so close, then she turns and looks at the sleeping kitten, sniffs her, and promptly leaves the room. She’s making JT and me feel like traitors for allowing that kitten to sleep on the bed where SHE is supposed to be.

    August 17, 2004 @ 9:57 am

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