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So what if?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, August 26, 2004 at 5:49 pm by flerly.

An irate woman at our mail center just asked me to please put in a letter of complaint with our rent check next month regarding the trash center that has been closed for months now. It’s not our nearest trash center, but we do pass it on the way in and out, and I had noticed it’s been blocked off for a while.

I was already surprised to find the notice on our door yesterday that a new management group had taken over the complex. I was really digging our newest managers, too, so I was disappointed. The woman told me that they simply got fed up with the property owners and quit. Apparently, property taxes are way passed due on these properties, too — years, she said. The old management group supposedly just got tired of trying to get money out of the owners for improvements, especially for that needed repair to the trash center.

So, she talked to the new management. She already knew the background with the old management, and flat out asked if there is anything the tenants can do to help relay the importance of the issue with the property owners. They suggested letters with the rent checks. Doesn’t sound like much to me, but…. I guess we’re in.


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