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fun with tuna

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, September 22, 2004 at 11:32 am by flerly.

I neglected to tell anyone this morning that I had to take Samuel to the vet at 10 am… thus, when I went to look for Sam, I found him… or rather didn’t find him indoors. I glimpsed him for a second as I looked out the window, heading up toward the pool area, and decided to grab a can of tuna to lure him back. So, I sat out on our front walk, clinking the tuna can on the little bowl, making all the noises that usually call that cat from three miles away, but to no avail. Finally, I have to go on a walking tour of the complex to spot him. It’s like he knew it was a vet day, even though nobody had talked about it. He wouldn’t come to me and I had to go get some of the tuna to lure him out of the bushes by the tennis courts. Of course, once I had him, trying to pick up the bowl of tuna, too, meant I spilled tuna-funk-juice all down one leg, but… what can you do. I knew I’d be popular with the kitties at the animal hospital that way.

One traumatic car ride to the vet later, all 10.5 pounds of Samuel is subject to an exam. I give my best explanation of his condition — him not being my cat — and then I am lectured on how he ought to be an indoor cat, in his condition. I remind them, not my cat — after which they load me up with meds and send me packing.

Samuel now doesn’t want anything to do with me. As if he did simply after the visit, when I got home I made it worse by stuffing a pill down his throat and then squirting goop in each of his eyes. He’s one pissy kitty right now. And best of all — the vet says not to let him outside for at least two weeks!

Despite last night’s cuteness — where I found Motley and Sam both sprawled out asleep in near identical poses on Jimmy’s bed — this is not a happy kitty place to live right now.

Meanwhile, my jaw is only slightly sore still from yesterday’s latest wisdom tooth removal. Jim (and others) have remarked how odd it is to have these lowers out one at a time like this, but I am also having fillings replaced in that “quadrant” at the same time. It already took him over an hour to drill out old filling, put in new fillings, and pull that naughty wisdom tooth on one side — I’m sort of glad that’s all he put me through at a time. The next adventure for me is October 11th, when I get to do the whole thing again, in reverse.

I believe I will be cooking dinner tonight, if anyone cares. I’m sick of soup already.


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