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interesting, but not

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, September 23, 2004 at 10:06 am by flerly.

Just got an emailed assignment via a recommendation from David Camp, who calls me the only resource for site redesign in the company. And, it’s a redesign of a Broker/Office — aka the new style — site. Somehow, I just thought they had somebody else that did just those, like I used to do just Comstock. I guess that would be Jay, though, who’s a little busy.

Here’s where I should say Joy! at the notion of additional need for me, if I wasn’t so damned tired of it all. I’ll do it though, I mean… what else do I have to do. How do you justify needing a vacation from a work at home job? And, how long would be long enough to get over the burnout from dealing with crap … like expectations of me implementing stuff on this new platform without more than an over-the-phone training session. Jay himself told me that Howard and Tim and Rick and all those other various names that get thrown around don’t have a clue of the difficulty of not only the migration process, but of the maintenance on one of those sites. Oh, but wow, once they’re implemented, the customer can change his own left-hand navigation! Isn’t that worth the hassle?

Already this new, no maintenance required platform is being sold with contracts for us to do the daily/weekly/monthly changes the customer wants on their insanely complicated custom homepage, because, God forbid, if they try to do it themselves, they get a glimpse of the clusterfuck of homepage code that, to me, looks worse than anything Comstock ever dreamed of. At least our product let you put things like… oh, line breaks and perhaps comments.

Anyway, I guess I knew Camper was still around. He cc’d Paul Hatcher, too, so that’s a good sign for Paul. I know I heard that David Rhoades might be back working with those guys, too. Don’t ask me what they do, exactly, seeing as how they’re not in my neck of the company woods anymore. Oh well. I babble a lot before I’ve had coffee.


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