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I need a remedy… for what is ailing of me

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, September 24, 2004 at 12:55 pm by flerly.

Ugh… Broker/Office site one implementation by me…. not exactly done. Pretty much, when I hadn’t figured it out by the time Jay got to work yesterday (Hawaii time), he took over. I sent him my design and he called me and went over part of the procedure, but again got frustrated by not being able to describe what he was doing well over the phone, and just decided to finish this one on his own. =\

At 2:30 I have a call to get info from a customer for site 2 redesign, which I hope that my recently learned knowledge on the restrictions of Broker/Office will make go more smoothly.

Sometime around 4ish we expect Somchanh to show up at the door to stay with us for PART OF (thanks dear) the weekend. I’ve been in this situation before. I’ll show him to the TV downstairs so I can try to work some more, and in less than an hour he’ll be upstairs hanging out with me “because he’s bored.” C’est la vie.

At first I thought the hardest part about giving a cat medication was finding the cat when it was time for a pill. Turns out, it’s actually having the stomach to hold him down, force it in his mouth, and hold his jaw shut until he swallows. Sam has teeth and claws, and though he struggles and clearly doesn’t want to take the pill, he is so careful about trying to push my hand away with his paw without scratching me. It’s all so civilized, I guess. He’s such a sweet cat, and forcing that pill on him makes me feel like a total bitch. I just keep telling myself, “It’s for his own good. It’s so he’ll get better.”

Another thing I learned, be sure to put out some tuna for the cats if you have the intention of making a tuna casserole for yourself for lunch, lest you find kitties walking the countertop and trying to nudge lids off of skillets.


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