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Welcome to Smartass 101

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, September 29, 2004 at 6:19 pm by flerly.

[17:05] Shoeman: woman
[17:05] Shoeman: my food better be hot and waiting on the table when I get home
[17:06] Flerly: James is at work, so I was cooking later
[17:06] Flerly: or else, pizza… if someone would order pizza that would rock
[17:07] Shoeman: I am sorry…I had my bad attitude filter enabled. All I saw was -> , …

He so funny.

It’s probably blasphemous to say, but after watching the “original” Star Wars trilogy on DVD, I have the desire to watch Episode I and II again. But right now, I am enjoying watching the Dead Like Me season 1 dvds, courtesy of Netflix.

Got an email from Mom today asking if I’m heading her way this weekend since JamesT has to work, but I really don’t think I’m up for it. My laundry is a horrible, neglected pile that is currently making a thick padding on the floor of my closet. I keep trying to train the stuff to crawl into the hamper, but it doesn’t seem to obey. I’ve gotten Kitty to crawl into the hamper, but she rarely ever thinks to pick up some of my laundry to take with her when she does. Couple of useless cats, I say.


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