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It takes a certain kind of person…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, October 3, 2004 at 11:41 am by flerly.

So despite calling me “liberal hippie” when I told him, JamesT and I went to look at handguns yesterday. It was a productive day… Janow shopped for a lockpick set, we shopped for pistols, we’re a real nuclear family.

James really wanted to go to this one nearby gun shop, creatively called The Gun Shop, but they closed at 4pm on Saturdays, so we ended up going back up Peachtree Industrial to the same shop that has the range where we’d gone to shoot James’ Dad’s rifle a year or two ago. They didn’t really have in stock the same gun he had been reviewing online, but after talking to the proprietors for a bit, I think he’s going to take their suggestion of taking the safety class, then firing several of their rental pistols to see what feels best in his hand and what he seems to shoot best with. Lucky for us, and as we found out with our wedding ring shopping, our hands are about the same size, so whatever pistol he decides on ought to be comfortable for me as well.

The guys at the shop seemed knowledgeable enough about their product, even if they did say that it was the women’s vote who caused our three worse president’s to win — Clinton, Carter, and Kennedy as they went on to ponder if Kerry would be smart enough to go for the women’s vote. One thought Kerry might be on the right track because his wife had recently confided that she had decided to vote for Kerry, and he told her he was thankful his vote would cancel hers out. And, of course, like all good target ranges in the US of A these days, they offered Osama Bin Laden targets for you to practice your headshots.

As I was telling James yesterday, I can’t wait until these elections are over and I can go back to my complacent not-caring. Already it feels like everytime I get concerned about an issue that there are overwhelming odds against anything changing for the better. Already I am telling myself that the US can’t go much farther downhill in the four more years GWB would get if re-elected, and I guess I can only pine that most of the gun nuts are in his camp or else I might have a nice assassination attempt to look forward to.

On a girly note, as a woman who has not had to endure a menstrual cycle and it’s notorious side-effects for the past five years that she’s been taking depo-provera, I think that I haven’t really gotten away as well as I’d thought. At least most girls get a predictable few days of high emotion and temporary insanity. I’m pretty sure I still get my mood swings, but now you just never know when they’re going to show up. At least I had the restraint yesterday to hold that spam up to LJ criticism rather than send a nasty reply back to the sender — who didn’t actually write the spam, and more than likely only passed it on because of the “If you’re proud to be an American” part or whatever.

Today, I’m starting to feel my old politically apathetic self again, which will probably continue if I keep the TVs off. Instead, I think I’ve been on a more angry girly kick since yesterday afternoon (there’s a particular reeeoowwr that echoes in my head here) and should probably turn my attention to some household chores or grocery shopping or something before I decide to say or do anything really pissy.


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