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I want the job throwing boulders at cars…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, October 10, 2004 at 3:38 pm by flerly.

I guess this weekend is deserving of a Sunday afternoon update. JamesT and I headed down to Atlanta Motor Speedway Saturday morning to attend a Lexus testdrive. I let JamesT do all the driving on the three courses, but it was still tons of fun. There were a couple of performance courses marked off with cones, complete with a straightaway to check your acceleration and lots of twisties, too. On one course there was a guy who got to hide behind this big fake mountainside and throw big painted foam “boulders” out in front of cars so they could test stopping or swerving unexpectedly. We did pretty well, but so many people just let those bounce off their car or ended up pushing them down the road. The other course had a couple of deer rigged up to cross back and forth. Tried to get JamesT to hit one, but he had too much fun dodging them. THEN the coolest one was their SUV course. There wasn’t an SUV we were real keen on driving, but we wanted to take something over that off-road course. It was set up with alternating left-right humps for a stretch, had gravel pits, and then the doozy that attracted our attention — the 9 foot hill. It was sweet fun, then more left-right-left humps, and then you drove back around over the side of the hill where only the left wheels went up. It sort of felt like being part of an amusement park ride where you got to be in control.

After a tasty lunch and a coffee to go, we started the long trek up to Chattanooga for JamesT’s little brother’s birthday party. Spongebob galore, a gang of 7-8 year olds, an electric scooter to play with and fun with blindfolds, broomsticks, and pinatas. Afterwards just the fam went out for some real food and then hung out to play with another new toy of his, the GameCube bongos. Rhythm games are my bag, baby…. had mucho fun. We put them all to bed, then headed home to crash sometime after midnight. It was a hella long day of driving.

Today…. we set out with leisure in mind, sleeping in then going for brunch, but ever since the manager at Applebees threw my salsa at me, I’ve been in cleaning mode. They offered to reimburse me for whatever cleaning bills and I KNOW the guy felt horrible, but it was totally an accident. I guess I could have made a huge deal over it, but I didn’t really see what the point would be. The food was good, we were hungry, shit happens. They comped my meal, too, which was cool, but I doubt I’ll go seeking laundry money.

So, we came home and I got my clothes to soaking and managed to sit for about 10 minutes of playstation gaming before I was overcome with shit to do. I left the game on pause, because I really did intent to goof off today, but since then have gone to the grocery store, did dishes, started laundry, did a workout video, and decided to post to LJ all without having gone back downstairs to continue my game.

Oh well.. it is REALLY time to get back to slacking now.


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