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On company-wide get togethers….

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, October 12, 2004 at 5:04 pm by flerly.

[16:56] Flerly: time is flowing backwards
[16:56] Flerly: ask me why?
[16:56] Chemguru: Y, Mrs Owl?
[16:56] Flerly: har har
[16:56] Flerly: Because of our new re-org
[16:57] Flerly: Mr. David Camp is a senior vice president, and reporting to him is, Paul Hatcher – Operations Manager, with Jonathan Bohlander, David Rhoades and me as Solutions Support
[16:58] Flerly: See what I mean?
[16:58] Chemguru: Wow… so, when are they hiring Billy back?
[16:59] Flerly: gosh golly, I dunno
[16:59] Flerly: Only JasonC is still reporting outside of the old group, I guess since he’s in Hawaii

How invigorating it is to be part of the “Solutions” Team.

Heck, how nice it is to still see your name on a company org chart. Just goes to show some of us are, well, I wouldn’t say “essential” … I’d say more like hard to get rid of in a “gum on your shoe” sort of way.

That was fun for $.95 a minute per connection — and looks like we get to do this every month now! Wheeeeeeeee!


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